Saturday, September 28, 2013

Make a List & Check It Twice...

This blog entry is meant to ask what you teacher's out there need to make your lives more organized or just easier? I'm working as hard as I can to make my own life as a teacher easier, but I'm not sure how to help others.
Off topic here: Life at work is going great! My class is great even though it's loaded with boy's. The paperwork we are required to do is somewhat overwhelming and many have no idea what a teacher goes through, but that's part of it. If your heart is not in teaching then all the paperwork and requirements will weed you out and you will leave the profession. Well, at least I think.
So back to the main reason for this entry, what are some resources that all you educator's out there need for the elementary level? I'm working on stocking up my Teacher's Pay Teacher store with different resources to keep your school year going great. Just let me know of anything you've dreamed about by sending me an email or stopping by my store and I'll see if I'm creative enough to help. Thank you!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh, How Time Flies...

It's been way to long since my last entry. School is going good and my students are great! My classroom is becoming a bit cluttered as I continue my year which is not supposed to happen, but it does so that's okay. Life is going fast and we are already into the seventh week of school! I have realized that my students eagerness to learn is not very high. Some care and most do not care. Is this normal at this age of fourth grade? I'm growing a little frustrated, but this shouldn't come as a surprise because I feel this way each year. I have motivated until I'm give out, nothing seems to work and I need some advice from all you teacher's out there. I know that motivation only goes so far and it seems to me that these groups have lost it. They just want to come and get it over with and go play video games.
I feel that our next generation (which is the generation that is going to take care of us) are going to end up being a bunch of technology oriented, lazy grown-ups that won't care about a thing in the world.
Forgive me for being blunt, but I'm just a little overwhelmed. I love teaching, but I feel that I can't enjoy it for thinking about all the paperwork I have to do and all the pressure to increase test scores. I feel that students across the country are hurting because their teacher that is a great teacher can't teach to their full potential. They are limited in the areas and content they can touch and there's no way around test scores. If your students show low scores at the end of a school year, yep, you might as well brace for the worse teaching year of your life for the upcoming school year. Thanks for reading.