Monday, June 23, 2014

It's confesstion time: I'm a blog designer!!!

So, it's official. I have completely taught myself how to design blogs and I'm super excited about this! It all started when I was determined to make my blog look great all by myself. It's been a bumpy past couple of weeks learning on the ropes to blog design (which is not easy, until now), but I have finally mastered it. I've completely redesigned my blog. Total time to do this was about six hours, not at once of course. The only things I have left to do are add my post divider and move around my ad spaces.

I'm super excited to show off my blog!! I hope you enjoy! Please be on the look out for my designs blog "Denim and Blogs! It's in the making and I will be taking design orders very soon!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Please excuse my small mess. I'm in the process of redesigning my blog!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Confessions of my Summer Break Rituals

When summertime comes, most of us are dreaming of a vacation far away. My summer starts with the same ritual each year. I usually want to go to some exotic location, but I never end up going anywhere because I make up excuses each year. For example, two years ago it was because of a family situation. Last year, it was because I had a one year old and this year it's due to me not wanting to fork over the money. I'm thinking if I don't go somewhere the next summer, I'm going to regret it. The motto, "live a little" would do me justice.

During my summer break, I usually get crafty when I have a chance if I'm not trying to plan an invisible dream vacation. I also spend my days playing with cars and trucks in the dirt  with my wonderful baby boy.

So far this summer, I have managed to get my horrible looking deck stained, almost. I got bored with it just a little and didn't finish, especially after I was given the wrong color stain on my third gallon from our local hardware. I have also started some new products for my TpT store and I've even got the help of my wonderful husband once again. He's such a darling. I've also managed to update my blog and it just amazes me how much more organized it is.

This summer is my time to build my store, work on my blogging, relax during nap time, spend wonderful mommy time with my sweet baby boy, and read a good book.