Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So very thankful...

I was out working in our new addition earlier, ya know, just wiring up a few outlets and I realized that I haven't been very thankful lately. I have been very blessed with my little family as well as with everything in my life including my job, my friends, my family, and our ability to live freely. I work myself to death trying to make my products the best they can be to help other teachers make wonderful citizens, but I almost seem to forget about the little things in life like listening to my baby boy count to fifteen or listening to his adorable voice singing through the ABCs.
I have been so concerned this past year that we are only going to be able to have this one child and I want more, maybe a girl with bows and dresses everywhere, but I thought to myself, "God gave us one little souvenir and he has blessed us a thousand times over with this one".
I just want to say that we should all take a break and sit back and enjoy life. I enjoy teaching, but what I truly enjoy is my life and my family. I will admit right now, I'm not meant to teach for the next twenty years so who knows where I'll be in five or ten years. God bless!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Confession: I love summer time!

As I sit here designing my first set of unique chalkboard frames I realize it's time for a blog post. I'm thinking about how much I really enjoy summer time! I'm able to do absolutely any thing I want including spending wonderful playtime hours with my toddler and design a variety of items for my TpT store! This summer we have also been working on our addition to our house which is finally almost finished. We are laying tile and painting and hanging our lights that I purchased over a year ago! This has been a slow process, but we are handy people and we just can't stand to pay someone else to do it for us! Okay, I'll admit we hired a company to hang our sheet rock, but that's it! Mainly, because skinny me wasn't able to help the hubby at all. Well, here it is! My chalkboard frames that I learned how to create! I'm so excited when I'm able to get crafty and make it look good! In fact, I'm so excited this time that they are FREE for a limited time when you become a new follower on either my blog or Like my Facebook page! The links are also listed below. Once you become one of my followers or like my Facebook page, just email me at with your Name/Blog/Facebook name and I will email you the Chalkboard frames CU file for FREE! Feel free to leave comments on this post!!

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