Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Tieks Purchase

So, I had to send my Tieks back because they just weren't the shoes of my dreams!! I'm sad to say this because I really loved that these shoes came in a thousand colors. My main reason for sending them back was the fact that my toenail poked through and I knew this would make my toes very sore. They were very high quality, but I think a half side would have worked so much better! I hope this helps anyone out there. By the way, I have found a shoe finally, it's Toms Jutti Flats! I have the canvas shoes, but had never tried the Jutti flats and they are absolutely perfect for my toes that are apparently pointing upward.

Wow, it's been a while! I've been super busy with work and everything! It's just so hard to keep up!
So, obviously I'm a teacher and I have been on the hunt for so long for a wonderfully comfortable pair of flats. I think I have tried fifty pairs of flats from all sorts of brands and styles. As a teacher, you all know what it's like to try and find a comfortable pair of dressy flats.

The brands I've tried so far over the past year are Clarks, Frye, Anne Klein, Walking Cradles, Softwalk, Bass, LifeStride, Born, and Ugg. I think I listed them all. Out of all of these brands, each style was returned due to their inability to keep my feet comfortable for more than an hour. The only pair I loved was the Softwalk leather brand because of the sole and they just about tore my foot apart with blisters.

I have continued relentlessly researching shoes and I found Tieks. No one has really complained about these flats and I just had to try them. I studied on deciding whether or not to make the purchase for about two weeks since they are somewhat expensive. I decided to since it's free return shipping. Today when I opened the box, which was super adorable, I was soo excited to see what they were like. I love the style of the shoe, they look super sturdy and they are the best looking flats I have ever owned. The soles are sturdy and comfortable. I slipped one on immediately and found that my toe prints poked out towards the tips of the shoes which I am not a fan of. They were also slightly stiff on the foot bed, which is part of the wearing them in part I hope. I can tell they will last and be sturdy, but I'm not sure they will hold up to the comfort test or if they will just make my toes feel sore. I really wanted to love these shoes. I've uploaded a picture. Pardon my red, swollen feet, it's a teacher life and I'm only 27! Please note that my red feet are not from the Tieks.

So, I contacted Tieks and...

this place has great customer service. They immediately placed an order for a larger size so that I can try both pairs on side by side to see which one I prefer! The return shipping is also free!

If you do decide to purchase a pair, let me know what you think! Have a great day!