Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Beautiful Mess

So I've been getting crafty on myself and creating fonts that I just absolutely adore! I'm considering this a beautiful mess since my life while creating these was a beautiful mess with a newborn and a four year old. I didn't realize for, well, my entire life that I was able to create fonts that actually look great when put on paper! So I worked to get the fonts I've created so far into a Free download at my TpT store. Yes, that's right! A free download for you to use for your personal crafts!! I hope you love them! Just click on the image below! Please feel free to leave some comments!! Thanks!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

TpT Tips: Increasing Sales

Wow!! It's been a long, long time! So how did everyone's summer go? Hopefully, it went very well! I spent mine creating a handful of new products and a lot of bundles, bundles, bundles! And I also welcomed a little Bundle of joy this summer, my first baby girl, EmmaKate. I know, such an adorable, southern name. I just love it.

So, back to the tips. I can tell you I've really improved my sales since creating bundles for some of my most popular items. Create bundles and create lot's of them! Buyers, especially teachers, love, love, love things on sale! I know I do! Here's two examples of my cover pages for my bundles! They were so fun to make! I just love to create things that are popping!

One last random tip I would like to give is this. I had a few buyers ask for particular things, such as a poster here or a poster there and I started to realize I was doing a lot of extra work for free. Well, I decided it was worth it to create listings for custom orders so I did and it is going so much better! Click the image below to see my listing!

I hope all of this helps!!!! Good luck with your TpT store!!! 

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