Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disney Princess Costume Ideas

I absolutely love disney princesses and I am giddy with excitement each year when it's time to dress up for a story book character or for Halloween. So here are some ideas that are easy for you to put together and a great way to save money. I've tried to include each disney princess, I hope these help! J
Just a side note, I'm going to be minnie mouse this year. I know it's not a disney princess, but I just had to. I purchased a fifties style red and white polka dot dress, found a petticoat to make it poof up and put my mustard colored flats with it. Oh, and don't forget the ears I created myself with some black felt and an old headband I wasn't using. It's that simple.

With all of the ideas below, you can simply use clothes you may possibly already own or you can add to your wardrobe and still wear the clothing throughout the school year!

Simple and to the point. I would definitely go with flats unless you like to live on the wild side.

Love and so simple!

I'd go with a longer bottom here, but aren't those yellow converse just the cutest?

I'd go with a longer dress, but love the pinks!

Love this one, but a longer dress is important when teaching unless you don't bend over all day. 

Here's an entire page of outfit ideas for each princess!!!

I'll be adding to my list of disney princess costumes/outfit ideas for teachers!! I hope you all enjoy the ideas I gathered for you!

Have a great Halloween at your school!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10 Perfect Halloween Classroom Decor Ideas

I've created a list of classroom decor ideas for Halloween! I hope you enjoy! Just click on the image or the source below each image to get the DIY.

1. Pumpkin Gift Bags Craft

If you are feeling crafty and you'd love your kiddos to have something adorable to put all their Halloween candy inside, then you're going to enjoy this.

2. Trash bag spider webs

Create these on your break in a short amount of time and have your windows/doors decorated in a jiffy. 

3. Hanging bats

I just can't stand it. These are my favorite and you could even create these with your students, well, depending on your grade level.

Source: HGTV

4. Halloween Countdown Sign

Okay, so this one is a little much just to be used in your classroom, but wouldn't it just be perfect for your front porch? I just loved it and had to add it to my list. 

Source: IHeartNaptime

5. Duck Tape Pumpkins

This decor craft is super easy and wouldn't take much time at all to craft up for your classroom desk or even center tables. I would probably put these around my computer area.

6. Classroom Mummy Door Decor

I can't help myself on this one. It looks like it would be super simple to do. Grab some white bulletin board paper and get to cutting. 

Source: Big DIY Ideas

7. Candy Corn Banner

Banner's are all the rage and this decor would be so funny and easy to use as classroom decor.

8. Coffee Filter Ghosts

This one is just too easy. Simply flip some coffee pot filters and draw some eyes and hang them from your ceiling. 

Source: Kids Playbox

9. Pumpkin Lanterns

Take an orange paper lantern and dress it up. Easy as pie. 

10. Halloween Banners

You can definitely go the printable route for decor. Grab some of these free banners to help you out.

Source: pizzazzerie

I hope you enjoyed these decor ideas! Good luck this Halloween!

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