Monday, June 27, 2016

Teacher Blogger Design Template

Ever wondered how all these teachers get that teacher looking blog design? I used to so I spent a lot of time conquering blogger and I have finally succeeded. I was determined to find a way to make my blog look all teacher like without the heavy price tag of say 100 plus bucks and I did just that. The design below is pretty close to how my blog looks now if you haven't noticed. You can get your blog design like mine by visiting my shop and it's only $15.99 for everything! I've got many more designs coming soon and I can't wait to offer them to you and your colleagues!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Organization Project: DIY pantry

I've started a few projects for my eighth summer as a teacher and this one has just about got me down. My husband and I have started moving our pantry into an old hallway closet, thus, our DIY pantry. When I say "old" I mean, this was my personal closet before we moved upstairs into our new addition. Let me just say, I begin to panic when things get cluttered up and I start throwing things in the trash to calm myself down. We have two children so you can imagine the clutter we have going on. I guess you could say I have a sensory processing problem when it comes to clutter. I love a neat and organized place to live. I'm slightly embarrassed to post this picture, but I'm going to do it for the sake of decluttering. I want to let you know, that you, can do it if I can.
This is my closet full of overflow basically. While clearing this thing out, I almost had a panic attack, but me being the perfectly capable teacher that I am, did it.

We are having company over in a few weeks for my little girls first birthday and I am very anxious about having everything perfect. My first project was to paint my cabinets in my living room and my second project was to get the big pantry cabinets out of my foyer, thus, resulting in the haul over of this closet. Our current cabinets are cluttered, a wreck and very hard to find anything in. We had this space and I just got an inspiration. I always tell myself that if something happens to me, I want people to come in and say that I was very organized. Haha. 

We made a trip to Lowes once I got it cleaned out, and mind you most of it is in a yard sale pile right this minute. It's sad how much we can collect. Our trip to Lowes consisted of buying more wire shelving which to our dismay over the last seven years, they had remodeled the styles, but we made it work. The picture below shows how far we've gotten and let me just say, we are so proud. Well, I am. My husband does things like this all the time. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your newest pantry.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

FREEBIES for the Summer!!

Do you ever just have one of those days? The kids are screaming over any little thing, the microwave has blown up and you can't heat up those favorite lunches! I've had one of those days, but it all turned out great. Relaxing in the pool, well, sort of. It's hard to relax with kiddos around. Now that their down for bedtime, I'm sitting on my deck, listening to the beautiful sounds the Lord has made.

So, I'm gradually making some favorites from my shop free for the Summer! I hope you all will enjoy! I've had some of these for years and just feel like giving them away! I truly enjoy helping others make their classroom experience all the more better for their students! I can't wait for my creations to become a part of your classroom! Just click on the images below to be taken where you need to go. More to come!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reading Teacher Interview: Potential Questions

So, I have been studying to be a reading specialist and I have a feeling that when I do get an interview, this will really help. To this day, I still know very little about teaching a child to read as I've always done intermediate grades. I will say that as a teacher of fourth grade, I did come upon students that weren't able to read and I was able to help them by learning from first grade teachers how to teach them to read. Keep in mind that these questions can go hand-in-hand with a math specialist interview.

After careful research, I had a lot of trouble finding something specific to a reading teacher interview. I've came up with the following questions that you might be asked with some possible answers. Remember, these answers are how I would answer these types of questions. I'm not really sure these are what will get asked and please do not try to answer them word for word if you are asked the same questions as your answers may vary from mine. Hope these help!

#1. How would you teach a seven year old how to read?
ANSWER: I would start with a goal setting worksheet that I would complete with the student. This worksheet would allow the student to map out their reading goals. I would then do an assessment, maybe if it were the Reading Recovery program, I would use the Observation Assessment throughout the keep a running record. I would work with their teacher to see what areas they struggle with whether it be phonics or chunking. I would then start where I thought I needed to just by completing observations and learning from the classroom teacher where that student is at in the "learning to read process".

#2. What is your definition of fluency?
ANSWER: Fluency is the ability to read at a steady pace. The tone and pace that is used makes all the difference.

#3. Do you have experience in keeping a running record?
ANSWER: Of course, you do! Every teacher has kept a running record showing their student from start to finish. Show them some test analysis you have done in the past or some running records you have kept on your RTI students. These will help tremendously.

#4. What can we do to help prepare you for this position?
ANSWER: Say something along the lines of I will definitely want some training with your reading program as well as training that is say visual/observational (this is completely dependent upon what type of learner you are).

#5. What is your experience with our reading program such as Reading Recovery, etc?
ANSWER: I have seen it in action, but I have not had any hands-on experience with it. This program would definitely be new to me. If you are experience here, you will know what to say.

#6. What can you offer us, what will make you stand out as a prime candidate?
ANSWER: This answer is all you. It can vary, but I would say that I am creative and I can make anything I need for my classroom. I am very good at researching and if I can't find something I am looking for or am in need of for my students, then I will grab my mac and sit down and create it myself.

#7. What if you have a teacher that refuses to let their student out of their class at a scheduled time for your reading class?
ANSWER: I would work with all the teachers prior to creating a schedule to figure out what times are best for them when I come around and pull their students. I would then create a tentative schedule and see if that schedule is what works for them, and then of course, make adjustments.

#8. What are your thoughts on the importance of reading and writing?
ANSWER: Reading and writing go hand in hand. They are one in the same and they can truly make or break a child.

#9. What is your opinion on the importance of writing in curriculum?
ANSWER: Writing and literacy are an important part to the success of a child as well as to prepare a child for career readiness so in the end writing is a huge part of student success.

#10. How do you feel about collaboration?
ANSWER: Yes, yes, yes! Collaboration is the key to a successful school community! Without collaboration, there would be no success in a school. Teacher's working together and learning from others is very important to the success of the children in a school.

#11. What are some adversities you have had in the past?
ANSWER: This can vary, but one of my struggles I had in the past was when I had a fourth grader come into my classroom that couldn't read. I went straight to the first grade teachers in the building and had them teach me how to teach a child how to read. I went from there and built that child up the best that I could with what time I had as I was teaching the Common Core to 29 others students.

If I think of any more questions to add, or find that there are a few more out there, I will add them to this post! I truly hope these questions will help to make your interview flow smoothly. Please do keep in mind that some are my personal answers and if you do use them, make sure you can back yourself up if necessary. For instance, if you're not creative or crafty, then don't say it. It's better to be honest as always.

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