Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Coffee Table shaped like Kentucky!!!!

Those of you out there that are UK fans that just so happen to live in Kentucky or outside of Kentucky need to check out this coffee table! I just love it so much that I put one in my own living room! My talented and crafty husband created this table from the ground up for Kentucky fans across the nation to show their love right in their homes.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

$30,000 Business Success

I've just hit the $30,000 mark for earnings with my online teacher shop!!! I'm so excited, I just couldn't wait to let the world know!! I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and I know there are a lot of teachers out there ready to make a change in their own lives! I saved my earnings and was able to purchase a new car with it! The sky is the limit here! I just want to let others know that you can do it, you can make a difference in your life by just giving it a shot!

I can't wait to hear your stories!!

Barnett's School House

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Make your Shop Stand out!!

Do you want to increase your TpT shop sales? If so, read along. I've come up with so many items to make my shop seem full and my sales stay pretty steady. I have recently decided to do a makeover for the products inside and out. As of now, I've been working on the outside of my products which includes the cover pages. Once I finish this part, I will go to the inside of some of my items and make them even better. We have to admit that items from 3 years ago do need a facelift. It's just going to have to happen. Now, look at these cover page images, which ones do you like best? I have to say, what was I thinking back then? You live and learn and you get a lot of practice!!!

I have had my TpT store for about 3 years now so they were due. I've been working on this for a few days and it does take a lot of time. I am really loving the turn out of these cover pages, though and it's so worth it. They are making my shop stand out when I click it and just seeing the before and after makes me smile really big.  I can't wait to see if my sales increase for the upcoming month! This makeover isn't finished yet, please do visit my shop to see what I've been doing to make it "pop"!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Teacher Blogger Design Template

Ever wondered how all these teachers get that teacher looking blog design? I used to so I spent a lot of time conquering blogger and I have finally succeeded. I was determined to find a way to make my blog look all teacher like without the heavy price tag of say 100 plus bucks and I did just that. The design below is pretty close to how my blog looks now if you haven't noticed. You can get your blog design like mine by visiting my shop and it's only $15.99 for everything! I've got many more designs coming soon and I can't wait to offer them to you and your colleagues!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Organization Project: DIY pantry

I've started a few projects for my eighth summer as a teacher and this one has just about got me down. My husband and I have started moving our pantry into an old hallway closet, thus, our DIY pantry. When I say "old" I mean, this was my personal closet before we moved upstairs into our new addition. Let me just say, I begin to panic when things get cluttered up and I start throwing things in the trash to calm myself down. We have two children so you can imagine the clutter we have going on. I guess you could say I have a sensory processing problem when it comes to clutter. I love a neat and organized place to live. I'm slightly embarrassed to post this picture, but I'm going to do it for the sake of decluttering. I want to let you know, that you, can do it if I can.
This is my closet full of overflow basically. While clearing this thing out, I almost had a panic attack, but me being the perfectly capable teacher that I am, did it.

We are having company over in a few weeks for my little girls first birthday and I am very anxious about having everything perfect. My first project was to paint my cabinets in my living room and my second project was to get the big pantry cabinets out of my foyer, thus, resulting in the haul over of this closet. Our current cabinets are cluttered, a wreck and very hard to find anything in. We had this space and I just got an inspiration. I always tell myself that if something happens to me, I want people to come in and say that I was very organized. Haha. 

We made a trip to Lowes once I got it cleaned out, and mind you most of it is in a yard sale pile right this minute. It's sad how much we can collect. Our trip to Lowes consisted of buying more wire shelving which to our dismay over the last seven years, they had remodeled the styles, but we made it work. The picture below shows how far we've gotten and let me just say, we are so proud. Well, I am. My husband does things like this all the time. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your newest pantry.