Tuesday, March 31, 2015

$25 TpT Giftcard GIVEAWAY


We've reached a milestone of 400 followers! To celebrate, we are giving away a $25 TpT gift card! Register at this link by April 3rd for your chance to win it! The winner will be announced on our facebook page! Have a great week! 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

FREEBIE!!! Test Prep Worksheets

We've all been prepping for testing all year long. Just the other day, one of my kids had asked that one question all teachers get asked at one point or another, "Why do we need to know this?" Before I answered, another student spoke up and said "It's going to be on the test, duh." That just really can get to me sometimes. I really don't like having to prep so much for a test that isn't truly going to show the intelligence of a child. There are so many things that can affect a test result. You have students who have test anxiety, or they may not take their time or care for that matter. Then in the end, all of this is reflected on you the teacher. To get off my soap box now, I'm offering another morning work FREEBIE. If you're in need of some 3rd or 4th grade math review in multiplication, adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers, and word problems, check out this limited time FREEBIE

Have a great week!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tieks...It's a love-hate relationship

My Tieks arrived a week ago. I absolutely love everything about them except two things which I will explain further on down. I went with the ballerina pink, which is so beautiful and it will match all kinds of outfits. I slipped them onto my feet and they just felt "okay".

First, I want to say that these shoes are very high quality. They have great support (thus, the blue soles) with a thick foot bed, they have soft buttery leather that feels lovely, the back of the shoes do not rub. and they look absolutely great with skinny jeans. One other thing that is brilliant about this brand is the customer service! This is the only company that has that perfected. They told me to wear them around for a week or so (inside) and see if they would mold to my feet. If they didn't, I could return them for a full refund. You also have forever to return them as long as you don't wear them outside! They are wonderful to work with.

So, the two problems I had were in the toe area (keep in mind, my big toenails point slightly upward) and one shoe rubbed the top of my foot so much that I knew it would cause blisters. I believe it was the stitching. The toe area was my biggest concern. I absolutely cannot stand for shoes to squish my toenails on my big toes and make them sore. The shoes were the correct length because I've had a size larger in the past (they don't offer half sizes) and they were much too large. It was just the actual top part of the shoe that caused the soreness. I've posted some pictures to the left. You can see where I'm referring to. In the first picture, my feet are relaxed and that pointy spot is where my toenails get squished by the leather. I wore them for about three days at home with thick socks to attempt to stretch them a little. This was very painful for my toes, but I was determined to keep these Tieks. In the end, the right shoe got some better, but the left shoe remained the same. If you have flatter toenails, maybe they actually point straight or down, you would probably be able to wear these shoes comfortably.

The verdict. Sadly, I am going to return them. I just can't bare the thought of owning a pair of pricey flats and not even being able to wear them comfortably unless I have my sister-in-law break them in or something. Luckily, Spring is in the air and sandals will be worn like crazy by this pregnant chick.

I absolutely love the Tieks company! They are wonderful to work with and you may find a perfect pair, but for this girl, they're not my match. If you are nervous and have been studying on whether or not you'd like to purchase Tieks, they do offer FREE shipping both ways! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

FREEBIE - "Next Generation Science Standards Lesson Planner 4th Grade"

If you're a 4th grade teacher and the Next Generation Science Standards are part of your curriculum, grab this FREEBIE to help you create quick and easy lesson plans. All of the 4th grade NGSS are integrated into a Microsoft Word document with drop-down boxes. "I Can" statements are also in a drop-down format making your Science lesson planning quick and easy! Save them, send them, and print them, it's all up to you! 

Have a great day!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

TIEKS again...Are we meant to be?

So, several of you saw my post on Tieks by Gavrieli last year. If so, you also read that I ended up sending back both sizes due to the fact that they weren't the perfect fit. Guess what? I've changed my mind! So at a Matilda Jane party, I noticed my sister-in-law was wearing a pair of mustard yellow Tieks. I asked her first hand how she liked them. She responded with "they're wonderful"! I tried them on and they fit me like a glove. I was absolutely shocked by the comfort of these flats. They felt nothing like the black Tieks I had ordered and I was almost jealous. At the end of the party, I almost thought about walking off with them even though they were on her feet by that point. Haha.

My conclusion is that the Tieks must be worn for several days in order to allow the shoe to mold to your feet. This makes them perfectly soft, or maybe I just need someone with the same size foot to wear them in for me. I wasn't willing to risk this last year being that these shoes start at $175, but now that I have actual evidence through my sister-in-law that they do mold over time, I believe I will give them a try. What's it going to hurt besides my wallet? I've already spent a total of $100 on flats this year that are not comfortable at all getting ready for the spring days. I did end up with three pairs, but they won't last and I spend this amount each year replacing the dinky ones I purchased from random places like Old Navy, Loft, Gap or American Eagle. I guess in the beginning, I could have spent all this money on several pairs of good quality shoes like Tieks in the first place. I absolutely love flats and skinny jeans!!! So here are my color choices below that I've narrowed it down to.

Camel Brown


Ballerina Pink

After hours of thinking, researching and trying to decide on a color, I have chosen ballerina pink. I'm absolutely terrified they will get dirty very easy with me being a teacher, but I want something neutral and spring pretty. Okay. I'm changing my mind again. I may go with the Camel brown color instead to hide dirt marks. Which color should I choose? Help!!!!

Have a great day!! I hope this helps all you teacher ladies out there! I don't have mine yet, but when I get them, I'm going to walk you through my days in these shoes. I'm keeping them, too!

Please note that I did not write this blog post for profit, etc., this is solely me as an educator trying to save my feet from pain and still dress stylish at the same time.

Barnett's School House

Need a little extra Prep for TEST PREP? Next Generation Science Lessons and Activities for 4th Grade

Needing a little extra test prep material before the big day? We have been told that both old standards and new standards will be included on our state test. That worries me a little, but some of the standards overlap which is very beneficial. This packet includes Science lessons for 4th grade that focus on the Next Generation Science Standards. Each standard
 has a resource and activity. This packet is meant to serve as a supplemental resource to 
your current textbook, or it can be used as a stand alone. Included are lesson plans with activities, worksheets, quizzes, and guides for each standard. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Math Lesson - "Test Prep Morning Worksheets Math and ELA"

Testing is a month or less away for many of us! I've found ways to utilize our math books. I use these sheets as morning work to reinforce my students' understanding of specific Common Core standards in math and ELA. Testing just makes us all go crazy. I don't know about you, but I feel like I can't breath and there's no time to fit everything in. How many of you have had 10+ snow days! That's me!! 
Prep your students with review using these math and ELA worksheets. These sheets correlate with the Go Math! series Chapter's 9 and 10, but they can also be used alone. They review fractions, decimals, and symmetry along with several ELA concepts. This works great for 3rd grade as well. 

Be sure to check out my bundle of all of the Morning Work review sheets below!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Center Ideas for a Large Class...with a FREEBIE

This year has been a great year, but I seem to consistently struggle with my group time because my class is so very large! I'm used to my fourteen little babies from last year, but it just doesn't work as easy with thirty kids in my room. I've gone to other teachers classes to see how their groups are ran and I've borrowed an idea from a fellow educator that I hope will successfully ease our group transitions. Of course, this teacher only has fifteen kids, but I still hope to give this idea a try. This will also work well for subs because they will be able to see where we are for that day.

My group board is very cute and this sample below is the one I borrowed the idea from, but I only have a picture of a group board completed by a guy teacher, he's an awesome teacher, though.

Here's a FREEBIE to get your group board started just like ours! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Barnett's School House
4th Grade

Wow! I've not been on here in a long time, it's time to get down to blogging. I hope everyone's year is going just wonderful. My year has been going great! I am absolutely enjoying my students. We've been out for snow for eleven whole days now! I'm loving my kiddo time, but I'm dreading making up these snow days at the end of the year!

So, my best seller of all time on TpT continues to be my first set of 4th grade Go Math! Morning Worksheets. For a limited time, these sweet practice sheets will be a wonderful FLASH FREEBIE! You can use these to review in 3rd grade as well and use them without Go Math!

Have a great week! If you're as lucky as me, you'll get a snow day tomorrow!